Ejo Heza Foundation

This program has 2 components:

  • Social Conflict Prevention
  • Physical education

a. Social Conflict Prevention:

The project deals with training university students on fighting social conflicts and injustice. Anti-social conflict Clubs in different universities are being formed to help raise people's awareness through organized events, sketches, dance and poems.

b. Old people’s football team

There are many diseases associated with lack of physical activity. Without regular exercise, people over 50 may experience a range of health problems including:

- Reduced muscle mass, strength and physical endurance

- Reduced coordination and balance as well as joint flexibility and mobility

- Reduced cardiovascular, respiratory function and bone strength

- Increased body fat levels and blood pressure

Most old people believe that physical exercises are no longer appropriate.

b. Old people’s football team

Ejo Heza Foundation has created a sporting team to help old people live longer, get out of their loneliness and get a chance to be physically fit. EHF trains them on playing football to get their muscles dynamic, improve their cardiorespiratory fitness through regular exercises, burn kilojoules, increase muscle mass and speed the metabolism.


Such physiological changes help them maintain an appropriate weight for their height and fitness.