Ejo Heza Foundation

Health Sector

Through its Umubavu Project and Grace~Mercy Mission, EHF emphasizes the following

Psychological support to patients

  • In health facilities all over the country by paying regular visits and care for needy hospitalized patients. This will be done simultaneously with Christian Counseling.
  • In households with patients laboring under chronic diseases including Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, physical and mental disability.

Health education and promotion

Such an intervention will be carried out through outreach activities in close-knit communities, cooperatives and schools. It will be planned on a regular basis in close collaboration with local authorities and community leaders. The focus of EHF health education sessions will be:

  • Nutrition
  • Community health insurance (Mutuelle de santé)
  • HIV / Aids and other Sexually Transmitted Infections

Lifesaving materials

The Provision of life saving materials to vulnerable people and patients in health facilities will include the distribution of:

  • Foodstuff to hospitalized vulnerable patients
  • Hygiene materials: soap, buckets, clothes etc.