Ejo Heza Foundation is a Rwandan non-governmental Organization with RGB Certificate No 131/2014. It was created on 14th December 2012 in accordance with Law N ° 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organizations and functioning of National Non-Governmental Organizations in Rwanda. Its pursuit of an interrelated set of social core commitments distinguishes it from other non-governmental organizations. EHF recognizes that a combination of spiritual excellence and social relevance is central to its growth and has deliberately and carefully chosen to emphasize the following sectors: Health, Education and Social affairs.


EHF Fields of Work

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Through its Umubavu and Grace~Mercy Mission, EHF emphasizes the following: Psychological support to patients, Health education and promotion, Lifesaving materials.
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We are reaching out for Capacity Building Project, Social Entrepreneurship Project, Supporting Student Sponsorship and Nursery & Primary schools.
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This program has 2 components:  Social Conflict Prevention  Physical education
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Our Mission

EHF is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people in hospitals, health facilities or at home through healthcare assistance, social and Christian Counseling. The organization shapes and enriches its staff by building teams whose members have a passion for serving the sufferers.

Our Vision

The vision of EHF is to create a Christian ecosystem conducive to the radiance of God's glory. This entails nurturing God's Love for vulnerable people with the purpose of enriching their lives and making a difference in the region.

EHF has the following objectives

- Visit vulnerable people and help them improve their living standards - Provide the needy and marginalized people with psychological support and lifesaving materials in their struggle for life - Develop priority strategies which will help meet their needs in general.

EHF stands for the following core values

  • Endurance
  • Sacrifice
  • Commitment
  • Integrity


Hierarchical structure

EHF's administration is composed of a General Assembly (GA), a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. The GA (mainly composed of founder and associate members) is the highest decision making organ of the organization.


Successful stories

I am grateful to God for the amazing work this ministry has done in our family, my children were dropped the school but now they all studying through Ejo Heza Foundation program that is helping us with school fees and school materials for my 2 kids. God Bless you so much.
I was jobless for more than 3 years after graduating from university but when this ministry started i got a job and i can now help my siblings to achieve their dreams. I am proud of working with you guys and can't wait for the better impact in this community through your acts of compassion.


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